Badminton Court

Opening times

Please note that last admission to all our facilities is 30 minutes before centre closing times.

We are not open on bank holidays.

Opening times

 Blidworth  Leisure Centre

 Day  Open  Close
 Monday   6.30am  9.30pm
 Tuesday   6.30am  9.30pm
 Wednesday   6.30am  9.30pm
 Thursday   6.30am  9.30pm
 Friday   6.30am  8.30pm
 Saturday  8.00am  6.00pm
 Sunday  8.00am  6.00pm
 Dukeries Leisure Centre      
 Day  Open  Close
 Monday  6.30am  9:45pm
 Tuesday  6.30am  9:45pm
 Wednesday  6.30am  9:45pm
 Thursday  6.30am  9:45pm
 Friday  6.30am  9.15pm
 Saturday  8.00am  5:45pm
 Sunday  8.00am  5:45pm
Newark Sports and Fitness Centre    
Day Open Close
Monday  6.30am  10.00pm
Tuesday  6.30am  10.00pm
Wednesday  6.30am  10.00pm
Thursday  6.30am  10.00pm
Friday  6.30am  10.00pm
Saturday  8.00am  7.00pm
Sunday  8.00am  7.00pm
Southwell Leisure Centre    
Day Open Close
Monday 6.30am 10.30pm
Tuesday 6.30am 10.30pm
Wednesday 6.30am 10.30pm
Thursday 6.30am 10.30pm
Friday 6.30am 10.30pm
Saturday 7:15am 7.00pm
Sunday 7:15am