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Alleviate arthritis with good nutrition

The NHS and wider healthcare systems currently spend £10.2 billion annually treating arthritis

Alleviate Arthritis With Good Nutrition

The NHS and wider healthcare systems currently spend £10.2 billion annually treating arthritis. There is no cure for arthritis, so the majority of this is spent on pain relief and replacing affected joints. A huge amount of this money could be saved if people looked at how their diet could be impacting their condition. A good diet and exercise regime can help you to have a healthy body weight, which will benefit arthritic symptoms as well as keeping joints moving.

Arthritis Fighting Foods

There are plenty of healthy foods that have anti-inflammatory properties and are ideal for anyone to include in their diet for preventative measures but are also beneficial for those already experiencing inflammation-related illnesses, such as arthritis. Vegetables, particularly greens, like broccoli, spinach and kale, are known to dramatically reduce inflammatory markers in the blood, most likely due to their high level of vitamin K. Many berries contain antioxidants, which studies have found help to fight off free radicals in the blood that cause cellular damage, which can lead to arthritis and many other illnesses. You can easily consume high quantities of these beneficial foods by blending them into tasty green or berry smoothies that are packed with vitamins and minerals.

How Beneficial Is Your Diet?

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell found a link between some cultures and arthritis. These cultures mainly eat few animal products and are found in places like Africa, Japan and China. When people from those countries relocated to places where consumption of meat and dairy are high, the incidence of arthritis increased dramatically, suggesting the Western diet is playing a big role in the condition. One study found that a healthy vegan diet dramatically reduced pain and improvements were seen in joint tenderness, joint swelling, the severity of morning stiffness and the limitation in ability to function. Diet is a natural way to treat arthritis and avoids side effects and the cost of medications.

What To Avoid

Just as some foods can help fight inflammations, others can contribute to it, so there are some foods that should be avoided. Unhealthy fats, sugars and salts are all linked to inflammation and can be found in foods like processed, pre-packaged meats, cookies, chips and many snacks. Some studies have found alcohol consumption to be mildly beneficial in preventing arthritis but should be avoided completely if you’re taking medication for your condition as it can increase the chance of developing stomach ulcers and liver damage.

A healthy and nutrient-packed diet specific to arthritis is one of the best ways to reduce symptoms. Following a strict arthritis diet will show benefits within a few weeks and potential trigger foods can be reintroduced gradually to see if they make symptoms worse or not. Diet has the potential to benefit all other aspects of your health too and avoids any side effects of medicines.